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    • No warranty cause weld on hinge 250lb safe rusted and fell off 1
    • You can access it with a few seconds and nail clippers 1

Numbers wore off the keypad in just over a year and I barely opened the safe twice a month. Their attitude was "sorry out of warrenty, use other numbers" I've not even opend the safe 24 times and thats meant to be acceptable!!!! Cheap ***! Add comment

Had a safe was working fine untill 1 day my key wasent working and did not turn at all and i call costumer service and they are useless never gonna buy a safe like that they tell u to call lock smith wen they should be able to repair u guys suckk i fixed it my self and never gonna buy a safe like this again . Thank u so much but my money and all my stores never gonna buy a safe like this u guys... Read more

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I had the same issue w my sentry safe as well. The bigger one. Weighs maybe 200lbs. The inside was covered in mold shortly after. And we live in a arid area (LAS vegas) where humidity isn't an issue. I've read online to simply order desiccant gel packs w indicator colors to dry out the safe. But something in the safe Def isn't right Add comment

I have a Sentry safe and it is probably 15 years old. It is VERY heavy, painted in a medium to light gray color, on big rollers. I have ALWAYS had the safe in climate-controlled area. The size of this safe is approximately 18" X 18" X 23". I use the safe regularly and keep valuable papers, jewelry and currency in this safe. I have a comfortable climate controlled air-conditioning system that... Read more

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We just opened our fire and water proof safe from Sentry for the first time in over 2 years. We had a sizeable amount of cash in there, from many hard years of work. We are buying a house and we were going to use money for the down payment. The safe was in a dry place but when we opened it the bills were wet and turned to mush. We have separated what we could and layed it to dry but a large... Read more

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I can't seem to get a handle on the moisture in my safe from Sentry. All my papers and money are moldy and I used the same packages they used when shipping it to me. I would not recommend any safe produce from this company do to this issue. You put your paper items in the safe to try and save them and not have them destroyed. But the safe seems to do the exact opposite and has now moistened many... Read more

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My safe has worked great for over 2 years and if you want to prevent thieves lag it to tthe floor and have to opening side of the door close to a wall so no one can use a pry bar. People need to use some common sence Add comment

Just DO NOT buy a Sentrysafe. The whole point of a safe is to keep out unwanted persons. But when I can go out, buy a $2 small version of nail clippers, using file attachment be able to unlock then lock the safe back up.......its definitely a piece of fecal matter. They should only cost $5 for how cheaply made and ineffective they are. Its a sign that the company blatantly shows nor holds any... Read more

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Opened my new sentry safe once with difficulty. Now it won't open at all!!! All of my important documents are now inaccessible to me!!! Read more

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For some reason my handle to safe jammed could not open it with the combination or the key the the handle broke this is a sentry safe very poor quality the handle should have been metal and not plastic 218 pound man and I broke the handle Read more

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